Stuff I’m Selling

Years ago I came upon a basket full of GI Joe toys. After selling off a few I’ve been stuck with this stack for almost a decade now and really have no use for them. Give me an offer and I will gladly add these accessories and parts vehicles to your collection. Also any help identifying the numerous unknown items would be splendid.


3 responses to “Stuff I’m Selling

  • urbancobras

    Well, Ithink I know some of these pieces:

    Item #4 – Arctic Blast gun
    Item #7 DEMON part
    Item #12 – Dragonfly seats(?)
    Item #13 – Part 1 (broken) of 1991 Ice Sabre canopy
    Item #20 – Part 2 (broken) of 1991 Ice Sabre canopy
    Item #22 – Tiger Fly launcher
    Item #24 – Hammerhead windscreen
    Item #26 – Rolling Thunder windscreen
    Item #32 – Rolling Thunder main gun
    Item #36-38 – Rolling Thunder rockets

  • Chris

    Hi, I came across you site while looking for a few GI Joe parts…do you still happen to have the “Tiger Fly missile launcher” for sale?

    • davidaschulz

      Sorry, I don’t really moderate this page as much as I should. But I should still have the Tiger Fly missile launcher, unless it has been misplaced during my move. Let me know if you’re interested in it.

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