A Page from Donald F. Glut’s Notebook

A friend of mine became friends with Donald F. Glut (DFG), a proflic writer of many cartoons (Transformers) from the ’80s and nonfiction dinosaur books. He also wrote the novelization of The Empire Strikes Back. Well, somehow my friend was able to have a number of original notes and sketches sent to him by DFG. When he originally posted this on facebook, I commented on how awesome it was and how I wanted to see them once he had them in his possession.

He did one better. He must have contacted DFG before he received the pages, as one of the pages had a personalized message added to me reading “To Dave – A ‘True Fan’! Donald Glut 5/15/12.” That page was then forwarded to me. Holy Crap! I never thought I’d own a piece of Star Wars history like this. On reflection the page is “damaged” now that it’s been signed, but since it’s just going to in a frame (I gotta find a two-sided one) and be in my house, it doesn’t matter in the end.

I’ve attempted to decipher the handwriting, but can’t read numerous parts of his handwriting. Below is my best efforts, but it is incomplete. Included are (…) at points I couldn’t translate. I’ve included some high resolution scans of the pages themselves, so if anyone is better at reading some of this handwriting, e-mail me at gamergoinggrey@gmail.com and let me know of what I can update. Hopefully with a bit of crowdsourcing, we can have both sides of this notebook page entirely translated for the fans.

Empire Strikes Back Notebook page 2

Page 1:

[sketch of Boba Fett] Bobba Fett – goes (…) like

[sketch of Wampa] Wampa – body like Gorilla – about twice as tall as Luke or (…)

[sketch Vader’s Chamber] glow from inside – opens + closes – Mech “(…) descend from Top – Medidation cubicule like jaws – guy who approaches Vader (…)

Vader’s droid near end (…) ugly body + tall pointy head (as tall as Vader)

Han being tortured (sketch of stick figure) 45 [degree angle] – wearing jacket –

-When unwashed, Vader has studded leather hood around neck

Luke in x-wing speeder wears helmet w/ clear visor

Lando’s assistant – bald w/ gadgets clamped over each ear (like transistor radios!) – “Lando’s Aide” – in grey outfit with yellow “balloon” sleeves

Rebels on ice surface (…) fur caps + dark goggles

Imperial Probe Droid

Empire Strikes Back notebook page 1

Page 2:

in med-center – Luke floats all “Hood(…) torture”, (…) w/ (…) or breathing tube attached to his mouth –

other med. droid is shaped like a few (…) w/ appendages atop each other – Luke in shorts – tank is (…)

[sketch of bacta chamber] tubes

(…). Droid (…) – parent (…)

Luke has (…) scar on R. cheek + around right eye R. nostril – sitting up on bed, his back braced

Luke Trench is long + veers off in long directions

Bounty hunters as (…) ;

1) armored, human w/ bandages (face shows thru) like (…)

2) dark-colored, large (…), one eye

3) tall, lizardlike head + hands, (…), real tall

[sketch of Yoda] – bald – heavily-lidded eyes – flash (…)? Yoda

[sketch of snowtrooper] Stormtrooper w cold protection

[some crossed out unreadable stuff]



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